Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo Shoot Series : Kalamagan Hill of Valencia City, a new discovery

Kalamagan Hill. A new discovery of a potential tourist spot here in Valencia City, in the Province of Bukidnon.

It was my first time I heard this hill in Bukidnon, or Valencia City in particular. When I first saw this hill at the standpoint of the New Integrated Bus Terminal in Valencia, it is so imposing, of which I discreetly said that someday, I will reach that hill. When I thought of that, it was a year ago from this post. 

It was just last December 2012 when I finally reach almost at the peak of this Kalamagan Hill, and I said to my company, which was our client, I will go back here to just take photos on the vast lush green view of Central Bukidnon.
Kalamagan is a native term. From a root word Kalamag, means Wind. So Kalamagan Hill* means a Windy Hill.

I noticed a group of volcanic rocks at a count of 6-7 rocks on which the center is flat and it looks like a stone altar to me. My colleague told me that these rocks might be an "ancient" altar.
From my stand point, you can see the imposing beauty of the Mount Kitanglad (partly hidden by clouds). I am about to visit the place at around 6 am but we were late by 1 hour. So, the blue sky were partly obscured with clouds by 8 am.
The imposing view of the Kalamagan Hill. This can be seen from the new integrated bus terminal of Valencia City. Kalamagan Hill is a potential tourist spot of Valencia City, Bukidnon where you can see 360 degrees view part of Bukidnon. It is also good for a landscape photography. That photo was really a great timing with a good combination of a hyperbolic form of a cloud that also replicate the form of a hill.

How to get there?

From Cagayan de Oro, you take the Bus plying to Valencia City and get off at the Bagontaas crossing, a road in going to Barangay Lurugan or to Mountain View College. Take a "habal-habal" (single motor) at an estimated fare rate of P100 per person for one way. You may visit first the Labitad residence located at the Barangay Lurogan for any assistance that they could extend where they are part owner of this hill. This may take about 30 minutes from crossing of Barangay Bagontaas, of Valencia City.

*(Courtesy of Mam Sol Dinlayan, a professor of Bukidnon State University who relayed to the author the meaning of this word-Kalamagan)

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