Monday, April 22, 2013

Holiday Favourites

When it comes to finding a great summer holiday, the world is your oyster. There are so many wonderful destinations to visit, both close to home and far away, covering every taste and budget conceivable, the only difficulty you'll have is deciding which one to visit. 
Let's start with the favourites close to home. You've got our friends across the Channel - France - which is the perfect place for anyone who hates flying and who loves good food and even better wine. Here you'll find delicious cider in Normandy, fresh seafood in Brittany, hearty beef bourguignon in Burgundy and superb wine just about everywhere. If you fancy somewhere a little further afield, Spain is a superb destination that has become famous for such Brit-friendly resorts as Costa Blanca, yet has so much more to offer. 
There's the vibrant city of Valencia which effortlessly combines laid-back beach living with chic cosmopolitan city flair, or lively Barcelona with its cutting-edge architecture and electric vibe. Spain has got sprawling vineyards, soul-stirring mountains, glorious rolling countryside and - of course - that delicious Spanish staple, tapas. It's fair to say that Spain vacations have so much to offer today's holidaymaker. 
Elsewhere, Greece is an eternally popular destination that never fails to impress. It's home to lovely Corfu, known as the Emerald Isle, with its sparkling seas and pine-clad hillsides. There's lively Crete with its bustling resorts and incredible ancient ruins. There's drop-dead gorgeous Kefalonia, made famous for its part in the Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Or lovely Samos with its laid-back vibe and first-rate hotels. Whatever you fancy, whether it's cheap Corfu holidays or a five-star getaway in Kefalonia, Greece is happy to oblige. 

The same goes for most other destinations on the summer holiday spectrum. There's a superb range of holidays to suit virtually every taste, preference and budget imaginable, and then some. So, what's your holiday favourite? 
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A Guest Post : Written by Catherine Lavinia

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. ang ganda! :) the first photo reminds me of the Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor.

  2. Hi Gail. Sarap pumunta ng Siquijor pero wala pa sa bucket list.:-).


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