Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rizal Park, One Year had passed so swiftly

The signage of Rizal Park along the Taft Avenue
One year had passed so swiftly when my son James and I went to the people's park in the Urban Manila, the Rizal Park or most commonly known as Luneta Park. That was April 3, 2012.

Luneta or Rizal Park is just an ordinary park nowadays but rich in history and still favored by ordinary people like us.
Map of the Philipines in Rizal Park
It is favored mostly by ordinary people who preferred to live a simple living. Picnic in the park where children play "patintero" and other Filipino Traditional Kid's play, are just one of the usual activities of these people .

During the childhood years of my wife, this place is the family's favorite hang-out. Maybe because that time, there were still no malls. With or without malls, I still prefer to bring my family to the park. For what reason? Because I want my children play physical than playing video games.

In this park, you can still see the map of the Philippines. As usual the big signage of Rizal Park is still there painted with bold white color.
Near the famous Taft Avenue, you can still see the group of sculptured dinosaurs, made of  concrete and painted with vibrant colors. 
The big shoe was still there. My son James took a pose on this same spot where his mother also had during her childhood. 

So, since it's summer right now. It is also the best time to visit Luneta and the Rizal Park.
The crocodile hunter---that's me...Ang tapang.


4 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Been here several times but I had never written about it haha I don't remember seeing the dinosaurs there too. Bago kaya yan?

    1. matagal na daw itong mga dinosaurs nato Le. Ni repaint na lang daw nila. at least well maintained.:-).

  2. love to go back and revisit Luneta.. I'm sure maraming interesting na makikita.. :)

    1. Hi endette. Maraming nabago na ang Luneta ngayon. nag enhance sila sa park.


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