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Sultan Kudarat : Late Lunch in Tacurong City at VE-JR Ihaw-Ihaw

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[Please read first the Series 1 of Ridge to Edge Blog Series before you proceed to read the series 2 for better appreciation].

Long travel to a certain destination for almost 7 hours was so exhaustive especially when you are with your family and anxious where to find a place for a late lunch in a place that you just see it for the first time, Tacurong City of Sultan Kudarat

To step into this place is also my long time dream destination. But our destination for this blog series, from Ridge to Edge is the Gumasa of Glan in Sarangani Province.

Our initial plan was to take a late lunch in General Santos since we have a time table to reach the White Beach of this Southern Tip of Mindanao-and that was chasing the sunset. 

But since an offer to take a late lunch at a Restaurant of this wonderful City of Tacurong--the VE-JR Ihaw-ihaw, the home of Crispy Chicharon Tilapia and Deep Fried Hito, an offer that cannot be refused and resisted from a good friend, a doctor, a fellow travel blogger and a fellow photographer, Dr. Remo Aguilar of Hiker's Itch and Tacurong City dot Net.
Our stomach was really on a growling state. 

A  short body and knee stretching, a sumptuous meal with Deep Fried Hito, Crispy Chicharong Tilapia and a non-commercialized Buko Halo Halo was really worthy for a very short stop over in the City of Goodwill, Tacurong City. They also offered Adobong Hito, Grilled Hito and Kinilaw na Tilapia.

Locally known as Ihaw-ihaw sa Exit (Grilling at Exit). It is tagged as exit because all the public transportation use this road as their exit to General Santos City, Davao City, Cotabato City and to Cagayan de Oro City.
So, if you are into this route to General Santos or Cotabato City, Tacurong City, the City of Goodwill is worth a visit if espoused also with a sumptuous meal with various array of Native Foods at VE-JR Aqua Farm Ihaw-ihaw.
We even brought home their delicious chicharong Tilapia. If asked to visit their Talakudong Festival? I will visit again this wonderful City of Sultan Kudarat, the City of Goodwill, Tacurong City on their Talakudong Festival on every 3rd Saturday September each year---soon this year.
 Our Food. Deep Fried Hito and Chicharong Tilapia with Buko Halo-Halo as our dessert.
Courtesy of Doc Remo Aguilar of Hiker's Itch and Tacurong City Dot Net.

VE-JR Aqua Farm Ihaw-Ihaw
 VE-JR Aqua Farm Ihaw-ihaw restaurant is located at the Magsaysay Evenue, Exit Road, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Contact Number : (064)-200-6262

5 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Thanks for writing about VE_JR Ihaw Ihaw Bonz! Balik balik lang!

    1. Hello. masarap talaga ang chicharong tilapia. hindi pa kami nakakain ng ganun. Thanks doc for bringing us there. :-).

  2. Wow, may ganitong restaurant pala sa Tacurong. I'll make sure to dine in here on my next visit. Excited na din ako for Talakudong Fest. Thanks for sharing sir Bonz ^_^

    1. Hi Sarah. Ito daw ang first an establishment na nag pauso ng hito.:-). Masarap ang pagkain at simply lang. Sure na babalik din ako dun. Even if I bring my family, Tacurong City is a wonderful city.:-).

  3. Dati nag work sa TRANSCO ang may-ari nyan, i been there during the expansion of Tacurong S/S...



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