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3-Day Itinerary to Sarangani, Travel Tips and Three Bus Companies

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For better appreciation of our Ridge to Edge summer escapade, I would like to share with you the shortlist of our itinerary with a travel loop from Bukidnon-Tacurong City-General Santos City-Sarangani-back to General Santos City-via Davao City then home to Bukidnon.
If you are coming from Cagayan de Oro or Malaybalay City, here's your itinerary schedule :

Take a bus bound to General Santos City or Tacurong City from Agora Bus Terminal:

From Cagayan de Oro/Malaybalay City to General Santos City


1:30 A.M.       -   Bus Schedule - 2nd trip - leaving Cagayan de Oro City Agora Bus Terminal
                             The actual schedule of the buses plying to this route is no longer followed 
4:30 A.M.      -    Bus Arrival in Malaybalay City
6:00 A.M.      -    Valencia City Bus Terminal/Maramag Bus Terminal, Bukidnon - possible 
                               stop-over for breakfast
7:30 A.M.       -    Start rolling again. (About 15-30 minutes stop-over for a break).
12:00 NN       -    Kabacan Bus Terminal   another short break for LUNCH
12:30 P.M.     -    Start rolling again and will stop at Matalam Bus Terminal.
                              From Kabacan, you will pass through the Datu Paglas, Maguindanao
2:30 P.M.       - Expected time of arrival in Tacurong City.   
                            You may eat your late lunch in VE-JR Aqua Farm and taste their deep 
                            fried hito and chicharong tilapia, espoused with cold buko halo-halo.
2:30 to
3:30  P.M.      -  Take an hour break for lunch
                             One and a half hour of travel from Tacurong City to General Santos City
                             Take a Yellow Bus Line company (YBL).
                            Tacurong City to Gensan Fare = P198.00 pesos per head
                            My Daughter was also free. 
 Yellow Bus Company
5:00  P.M.      -  Arrival in General Santos City (At Bulaong Bus Terminal). Read practical 
                             tips here when you arrived in this terminal.
5:30  P.M.      -   Take a tricycle for 20 pesos each to KCC Mall Terminal bound for Glan, 
6:00  P.M.      -   Take an Aircon Van for P70-80 pesos. Almost all the van here are  
                              Travel Time to Glan - Terminal.  One hour
                              Tips : 1. You may pay extra seats for your baggage(s) for you convenience.
                                         2. In our case since we were four (4), we paid 2 extra seats for our 
                                         3.  Another 300 pesos from Glan Terminal to White Haven Resort. It 
                                               took us about 5-10 minutes ride from Glan Terminal to White 
                                               Haven Resort.
                                         4.   We paid the 300 pesos discreetly to the driver. You just negotiate 
                                                with the driver discreetly about your plan to take you from Glan  
                                                to  the Gumasa Beaches while you are still in KCC Mall.

7:30   P.M.       -   Arrival at White Haven Resort, Gumasa Beach, Glan (Sarangani)

                               Tips : 
                                         1. Bring food for dinner. No food available in the resort at 8 pm.

Enjoy Your stay and have a sound vacation!

2ND DAY    :
12:00  NN      -   Checked-out / proceed to General Santos City for Lunch
                             at Penongs Barbestcue.
1:00    P.M.    -   Still eating our lunch
2:00   P.M.    -   Proceed to Ellis Suites for Check-in
2:30   P.M.     -   Take some rest for a long travel and from a tiresome morning activity at the 
                              Gumasa White Sand Beach
7:00   P.M.     -   Go to the famous and Gensan's Pride, dine at Sarangani Highlands and 
                              taste their Crispy Tuna
                              Side trip to Starbucks at SM Gensan for a cup of coffee.

3RD DAY  :
6:30 A.M.       -    Ellis Suites Dining Lounge (Coffee Shop)
8:00 A.M.       -   Bound for Bulaong Terminal via Davao City
                              Take tricycle at 20 pesos person
9:00 A.M.       -   Departure from General Santos City (ideal Time)
                              Holiday Bus Company bound for Davao City from General Santos City
                              Fare from Gensan to Davao City = P190.00 pesos per head.
                              My daughter was free.

10:30 A.M.     -    Stop-over at Digos City, Davao Del Sur
12:00 NN        -   Expected Arrival in Davao City
                              Take lunch at Mandarin, SM Mall
 Mandarin Noodle Soup-heater
2:00  P.M.     -  Ecoland Bus Terminal
7:00  P.M.     -  Home sweet Home - Bukidnon         
                            Last tip :  Activate your GPS for tracking purposes just in case.
                                              Enjoy your Trip.

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  1. thanks for all the great advice here. Always good to be well-prepared.:)

    1. YOu are right sir. Its always to be always well-prepared. Especially when we travel long.:-).


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