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5 Best Destinations in the Philippines to Start a Business

Among the most popular holiday destinations in the Asia Pacific Region is the beautifully diverse archipelago of the Philippines. This republic is not only rich in natural resources and awesome scenery, but is also blessed with charming and friendly locals. No wonder tourists from all over the world flock to this lovely Asian country.

Now, not only is the country has a great place for tourists, but it is also quite favourable for entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, its capital has several thriving industries and even has its own stock exchange. But if you are a serious businessperson and what cities in particular should you bring your investments to? Well, here are five of the best destinations in the Philippines you would certainly try your entrepreneur's luck in.

1. Metro Manila - is the main metropolis of the country and where Manila the Capital City of the Philippines can be found. Aside from the capital, it comprises the cities of Caloocan, Makati, Quezon, Marikina, Malabon, Navotas, Mandaluyong, Las Piñas, Pasay, San Juan, Parañaque, Taguig, Valenzuela, and the town of Pateros. The area has some of the country's biggest shopping centres and business districts as well as the country's most impressive skyscrapers and infrastructures.
2. Baguio City - is a City on top of a plateau and is located in the Northern Luzon, Province of Benguet. The city is a popular tourist destination for both locals and foreigners because of its magnificent mountain landscapes. Aside from that, its weather is also uncharacteristically cold compared to the rest of the country—certainly a welcome respite during the summer months. It was under American rule in the early 1900s and is now the site of the country's Philippine Military Academy—often called the "West Point" of the Philippines.
3. Cebu City - is considered the Philippines’ unofficial second capital. According to surveys, it has among the country's fastest growing economies and has quite a number of thriving industries. In addition to that, its residents, according to statistics, have a higher standard of living compared to those living in the capital.
4. Davao City - is one of the most blissful cities in the Mindanao region. It has an ethnically diverse population with several indigenous tribes such as the Bagobos, Manobos, Manyakas, and Guiangans. Due to its efficiently governed local government, it is considered to be among the country's cities with the lowest crime rate.
5. Zamboanga City - is the third largest city in the country, and is considered to be one of the most important Cities in the Mindanao area. The city's main industry is manufacturing and agriculture; and its main products are pearls, fruits, coconut, rubber, and fish. It's also considered to be among the most populated urban areas in the Philippines.
These five Cities are among the most densely populated places in the country and attract quite a high number of tourists and business people. This means these locales would naturally have many commercial spaces for rent, which is among the things you need to start up a business with. Indeed, these qualities make them the perfect locations to invest your money in.

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