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Getaway Guides: 2013 Clubbing Holidays Checklist

The holiday’s booked, you and your mates are psyched, but have you got everything you need to in the mix for your uberly awesomesauce 2013 clubbing holidays? It might be about kicking back, chillaxing and going sick after sundown, but making sure you’ve got the necessities to sort that shizzle is key to some serious clubbing holiday carnage.

Boring Bits and Bobs

It might seem like a complete yawn-fest, but sorting all your documents in advance will ensure you definitely get on that jet plane. And let’s be honest, if you don’t, you’d be a little bit miffed.

    Passport – with at least six months validity remaining from your return date to the UK

    Insurance – the travel kind, have a look online for some low cost deals

    EHIC Card

Currency – can be purchased online, or through a travel agency or your local post office, it’s also worthwhile taking your bank card abroad just in case you lose your cash or run out of spends Documents for your 2013 clubbing holidays – including any tickets and boarding passes, as well as your travel itinerary Travel Time-Busters. Depending on which of the 2013 clubbing holidays you choose from, your travel time across Europe could be anything up to just over four hours. Jam your cabin luggage full with some serious time-busting entertainment.





    Travel sickness tablets

    Holiday Hot List

What’s hot and what’s not? When you’re packing your case you need a right good mash up of practical items and fun stuff for holiday shenanigans.



    Painkillers and tummy tablets

    Creature comforts – your favourite tea bags and coffee can always come in handy

    Clothing – don’t forget fancy dress get up as well


    Plenty of protection

The best deals on 2013 clubbing holidays are online now, girls and boys. Book up your bargain break today and get ready for

a mission to messy.
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