Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sarangani : One Sublime Morning at Gumasa White Beach

Boat's Shadow
Some of the things I had in mind on what to do in Gumasa White Sand Beach during the planning stage are :  to wake up early, take a walk along the shore line and take some photos on mangroves. Including on my lists are photographing boats that I yearned doing long time ago.

Arrived in the evening of April 23, I went right away at the shoreline, after done disembarking our backpacks inside our room. Checking all the possible vantage points where to shoot the following morning or dawn. Though, it was not a full moon that time, the night project a bright sky with twinkling dots. A signal that the weather is in a  favorable condition.
Excited the following morning and woke up at 4:30 a.m. Took some snapshots on the boats and trees right at the beach fronts. I hope that you like these photos because I like them so much.
Until the face of the sky slowly paved its way for a new day.
Spotted Fishermen's Boat for early morning catch
The silence and serenity of the place was interrupted and perturbed with a roaring sounds of motorized boats and I then spotted Fishermen's Boat rushing to deep part of the sea for an early catch. It was also at this moment that I chanced to buy 2 kilos of fresh catch of squid at P80 pesos per kilo which later we grilled part of them and the rest were cooked in "adobo" style.

I continued my leisure walk until the morning sky became clearer and clearer.

I headed farther down Southern part of the beach line until I saw a fallen tree of unknown cause when I asked some of the locales. I scrutinized further at the same time fired my shutter using my newly procured ND8 3 stops with the help of a chair as my quadro-pod since I didn't brought my tripod for personal reason---I don't want to be suspected as surveryor like Doc Wendz
Excited with what Doc Remo taught me on how to use silky like result of water documenting its motion using my ND8 Filter.

I tried to take a balance shot on the horizon but unfortunately it was a bit tilted. And I have reason for that---its my first time in using a Neutral Density Filter-8 at 3 stops which I bought in a mall just recently with a chair as my balancer. Tsk tsk tsk.

I continued taking photos. Tried what I learned from the experts.
Though the horizon still a bit tilted at least I knew where my lapses are.
And I guess, I have lot of things to improve and considered that as a lesson. 

Lesson learned :

1. Like bringing a tripod for better shots. 
2. Check the horizon by framing first before firing a shot. 
3. More reading about using a neutral density.

But generally, I've enjoyed a lot in shooting this fallen tree and other subjects nearby on one sublime morning at Gumasa White Beach at Glan, in Sarangani Province.

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2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. I would really love to go there, ganda ng beach. I hope to be better in taking pics too, love your photos! I have no idea about the ND filter; time to read up!

    1. Its a beach that you will not miss out when you visit General Santos City leah. Its just 45 minutes ride. or an hour by Van.

      You're photos leah is likewise very nice to me.


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