Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ski Equipment: To Rent or To Buy?

Whether you’re planning on your first ever ski holiday or you’ve had a few chances already to test your skills on the piste, the question about ski hire is a persistent one. 

Do you rent your equipment or do you invest in your own stuff? 

It’s not an easy answer and your decision will depend largely on your personal opinion but there’s advantages and disadvantages to both ski rental and purchase.

For starters, how many times do you think you’ll use them if you bought your own skis, poles and boots? Will you use them enough to warrant the investment or will they be pulled out the cupboard once, before they gather dust for the rest of eternity? If you are only expecting to ski a few times, chances are ski rental would be the best way to go. However, if you think you’ll get substantial use out of them, then perhaps it’s time to spend on your own kit.

An advantage of hiring skis is the ever-changing technology. Unless you are made of money, you won’t be changing your skis very often, meaning you will be missing out on new-fangled technology and updates which may improve the comfort and wearability of the gear. Renting equipment means you will have access to the most recent equipment, year in, year out.
Buying your own means that you can have them tweaked to suit you perfectly and can choose the best style for your individual needs – sometimes, this is a type that isn’t readily available in a hire shop. If you do decide to invest in your own kit, take advantage of seasonal sales that make room for new stock.

It’s not an easy answer but if you don’t fancy lugging them around airports or paying for extra baggage, rental skis and equipment may be perfect for you – particularly if you don’t know when your next ski holiday will be.

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Written by : Catherine Lavinia
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