Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarangani : A quick stop at Alabel, the seat of the Provincial Capitol of Sarangani

If you are into photography right now, and you have stumbled this type of rare structures in our country through the net, chances like this one and you are on this place or will pass to this place en route to General Santos City from Gumasa White Sand Beach, you would not waste this rare chance to take some snapshots on this beautiful Provincial Government Building of Alabel, Sarangani.
Alabel is the seat of the Provincial Government and it is the Capital Municipality of the Sarangani Province. It has 5.0 has more or less of total area covering the Capitol's compound.

I was able to ask another favor from Doc Remo Aguilar, a fellow travel blogger in Mindanao, who serviced us from our jaunt in Gumasa White Sand Beach, a quick stop just to take some snapshots of this awesome architecture of this town. The architectural design itself is a tourist eye captivating site.
Some places of interest and activity when you visit the Municipality of Alabel :

Montana Resort- a resort which is ideal for a family vacation and weekend getaway. Alabel town is the first town you will pass if you are from General Santos City and Montana resort is the first tourist spot when visiting the Province of Sarangani.(photo credit : Sarangani Government Site).
Kasadyaan Festival. It is scheduled every September of each year.
Kasadyaan Festival contingent. 

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