Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It will come, it will come...a BENRO Tripod Review

One of my sincere desire in my life as an amateur photographer is to acquire a brand new BENRO Tripod. It cannot be denied, BENRO is one of the best recommended tripods by among some of the veteran photographers in the Philippines today, especially among travel bloggers. 

When we visited the Sarangani Province with my family, their famous White Sand Beaches in Glan,  I've got an opportunity to use a BENRO Tripod, in courtesy of my good friend and a fellow Travel Blogger, Doc Remo of Hiker's Itch.  

Not only its durability but also its easy to use especially the Benro A0695FBH00 MG-Aluminum Travel Angel Tripod w/ Ballhead which I just  acquired from Extreme Deals Camera Hub. One of the reasons in acquiring was its folding ability that we can even insert this amazing tripod to our backpack at a folded height of 1.20 Feet and with weight of 1.2 Kg. 

The ballhead is capable of maneuvering at any angle which was very much comfortable and more convenient on my part especially in taking photos at worm's eye view technique with a maximum height of 4.7 feet, just fit with my height being as 5 feet 7 inches. 

The safety lever for the ball head is easy to handle with lock in order to make your camera more secure while taking photos.

After I used that BENRO tripod that I borrowed from my fellow travel blogger, with much of satisfaction, I said to myself that someday, in His time, He will provide what I sincerely desired to have. It will come, it will come at a right time.   
The acquisition :

I just opened a Paypal account last May this year, when I was being required by my sponsors to open one to course their payment for their sponsored post. In short, when I already earned the desired amount to acquire a BENRO Tripod, one of the FB pages that I stumbled upon was the Extreme Deals Camera Hub. At first I was hesitant, but for no known reason, I felt that this online store can be trusted. I inquired first if they will accept paypal payment and they politely replied with YES. That was the time I stopped wandering where to purchase online and besides its my first time acquiring some items in online store. 

It was so amazing that when I ordered from them and paid the desired amount on that same morning of July 1, the following day, July 2, I received my dream tripod in the afternoon. My dream BENRO Tripod.

Leg Sections: 4      
Max. Diameter: 23  
Min. Diameter: 11  
Max. Height: 4.7ft  
Normal Height: 4ft.       
Min. Height: 1.2ft              
Folded Height: 1.2ft  
Tripod Weight: 1.2kg    
Max Load: 6kg

WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE? Benro Universal Aluminium Travel Angel A0695F
1 x Benro BH00 ballhead
1 x Benro PU series quick release plate
1 x Steel Spike Feeet & Tools
1 x Padded Tripod case

So what are you waiting for? BENRO aluminum tripod is highly recommended and to purchase it, choose Extreme Deals Camera Hub, your number 1 source of affordable and quality camera accessories.

A special thanks to my sponsors in giving me this wonderful blessings. To Catherine L. and Ms. Marina, thank you so much in sharing your blessings. A new DSLR Nikon D5200 camera is next on the line.

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    1. Hello Christian. Doc Remo mentioned that you recommended that tripod to him. So i took note of that brand. and its height. :-).

  2. wow! congrats naman. thanks for the sponsors. hihi

    1. hi mam. salamat. nag ka idea ako nito kay doc remo.


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