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What to do in Barcelona?

The City of Barcelona is located in the Northeastern Region of Catalonia in Spain. The City has many urban beaches and is known for its Architecture. Going to this City, there are many flights connecting Barcelona to other Cities.

Enjoy the City's Architecture.
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Gaudi's buildings are some of the most visited buildings in the City. The City's symbol, the Sagrada Familia, was designed by this famous Architect. The unfinished Cathedral has several facades, and each facade has its own theme.
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The Nativity Facade, decorated with carved statues, is one of the most famous parts of the cathedral. The cathedral has high ceilings and thin twisted columns. Visitors are welcome to go up one of the towers and will definitely enjoy the City Landscape from the observation deck.
There are several other buildings designed by Gaudí in the city. In the Centric and Chic. Example, visiting tourists will find Casa Battló and Casa Milá. Casa Batlló is known for its colourful facade, covered in many colourful local tiles. The roof of this building has several sculptures covered in mosaics. Casa Milá is a large building with a intricately designed facade. The interior of the buildings has carved walls and the roof top has stone statues overlooking the Cityscape.

Another historical center is the City's Gothic Quarter. In this area, visitors will find the City's ancient Gothic Cathedral and its cloisters. This place is known for its narrow streets that are filled with art galleries, bars, chic lounges and restaurants.
The City's Gothic Center
Photo Credits: Sights and Culture Dot Com-Gothic Quarter
Visit Montjuic.

Inside Montjuic is where the city's National Palace is located. In front of this palace, which is now used as a museum, visitors will find the Font Màgica, a fountain built for an expo. There are fountain shows to be turned on mostly every afternoon. The National Palace is where the National Art Museum of Catalonia is located. The palace is located on a hill and can be reached by a cable car overlooking the city center.
The Montjuic. Photo Credits : Barcelona Turisme Dot Com

Explore the city center.

Roaming around the City Center is one of the best ideas that one should do once they've got in here, wherein the City Center has many large avenues linking to the ancient churches and buildings. Tourists should also consider La Ramba, one of the City's main thoroughfares, a Centric Boulevard that leads visitors to the popular meeting spot of Catalunya Square and the Columbus statue by the beach.
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Beach walking.

The City has several urban beaches. The beach promenades are decorated with many sculptures. Near the Port Vell area, where the City's historic Old Port is located, visitors will then find a large mall that has various entertainment bars, seaside restaurants and shops. Next to the mall is a large aquarium with various fish species from several regions.
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To the markets.

The Catalonia Region is known for its food and other delicacies.

In Barcelona, tourists visiting this place, will enjoy a tapas tour that will take them around the City Center. Tapas, the local appetizers are served with drinks, wherein each bar has its own version of tapas. For some authentic food, visitors can visit one of the City's markets, including the Boquería Market, located next to La Rambla. The said market is known for its colourful stalls filled with fruits and local ham.

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