Saturday, August 03, 2013

Photo Shoot : The Image of Humility

I was on official travel to Barobo, Valencia City when I saw this single bamboo at its bending state. I was so stunned with its simple and yet imposing scene when I roamed around inside a compound of a poultry site in this part of the City of Golden Harvest. It was really an amazing sight to me. 

When I saw this one, I was reminded of a priest's homily that a great example of humility is like a bamboo that in some point of its existence, it will eventually bend at a given point in time.
As I continued roaming around inside the compound, I spotted this lagoon, having a little bridge with bamboo inspired concrete railings. This image, reminds me that as a person, he/she should reflect deeply that somehow in our surroundings, there are lot of beautiful things waited to be photographed even if you are using just your point and shoot digital camera. Just be creative at your own style and improve the composition. Every photo that I captured today, I have to scrutinize well before posting. In my own point of view, the above photos are so amazing even if others don't appreciate it. How about you? How do you rate these photos? Tell me something on what are the things that I need to improve.

Camera                 :  Canon PowerShot AS1100 IS
Mode                     :  Program Auto
Aperture               :  f/2.70
Exposure Time    :  1/400 sec.
ISO-Speed           :   ISO-
Metering Mode   : Pattern
Exposure Bias     :  -0.3 step
Focal Length        : 6 mm 
Lens                      :  Point and Shoot
Post Processing   : Basic Curves

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Same here, kuya (At talagang super comment ako ngayon, haha)...

    Nakakarelate lang kasi ako ng sobra sa mga posts mo these past few days Kuya. Yes, let's just do it! In the long run, we can not please everybody... For me, the photos you posted here are among the best lalo na yung bent bamboo. It speaks a lot of emotion. Ganda ng composition. And per se, it is not always the physical appearance of the image eh, it is the story behind it and on how that photo make an impact to life! Rock on and shoot lang ng shoot kuya! :D

    Well that's according to my conscience, hehe... Some people have other standards too, Haha! I therefore conclude, it is still in the eye of the beholder! :)

    1. Tama ka edmar. It is still in the eye of the beholder.


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