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Photowalk is the other way of Sharing...

In Focus - "Bulls-eye"
In the field of photography, you may be a newbie, an enthusiast, an amateur or even professional photographers, one of the things we kept in mind on why we endure and sustain our desire to pursue and continue with this kind of hobby, no matter what others would say, no one can pull you down in following your PASSION. Some might say its an expensive hobby. Yes indeed it is true. But why people keep on buying cameras, like DSLRs.

It is expensive if we don't know the phrase "delayed gratification". My advice to you is to just take every step at a time. What does this mean?

This means that you work hard first to get what you desire to buy next. Do not buy all of the stuffs you need like spare lenses, flash triggers, tripod and other accessories at one time basis. Strive hard to find extra budget to buy all or some of these stuffs.
It needs deep understanding with your partner in Life. Invite her and let her appreciate your passion.

Aside from buying all or some of these stuffs, you need also to learn more about photography. Much of interest in learning depends on you. If you choose to learn in Youtube? That's your prerogative. Learning Photography in Youtube is just one of the options to learn. Ebooks are also variably available online. There are lots of websites offering free Ebooks on Photography. But first thing foremost, you need to know the basic functions of your camera so you will understand all these Ebooks.
When you desire to buy DSLR and you have only a point and shoot camera, settle first with the P&S. P&S cameras are also good. Just master the craft, from understanding the Aperture, ISO and the Shutter Speed. Please do not get envy from these people who already have DSLRs. They already undergone difficult times in acquiring these units. Unless if you have extra and spare funds to buy.
"The Loader"-Street Photography
So go, "load-up" and satisfy that burning desire and pick your own choice among the best cameras.   
There are limited schools that offer a photography course. One of these schools is the Ateneo de Manila University. But why care to go to expensive schools just to acquire knowledge on Photography? Which in fact, there are still a lot of options to choose from. And one of these options that the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society came up was the photowalk. Its the cheapest way to learn more on photography. Learning about the basics? 

Photowalk is still the best.
Sharing is also fun - Master Caesar shared his knowledge to the masters surrounding him
Last July 20, 2013, the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, with the Bukidnon Photographers Group, had a successful joint photowalk activity. The photowalk was espoused with photocontest with a category of street and landscape photography. The idea was brought up by Christopher Babida Acaso of Acaso Photography, who is presently employed in Canada for his homecoming to his homeland Valencia City.
Caesar having fun with Manny Pacquiao's poster
Aside from learning some basics and techniques in Photography, the Photowalk was really a fun filled activity. Advanced level photographers volunteered to teach those that are newbies and the activity were also participated by some students from Bukidnon State University. 
Winners in street and Landscape Photography were awarded with plaque from 1st to 3rd places, respectively.

Here are the winners in Street Photography :
1st Place  - Drey Roque
2nd Place - Kared Millard
3rd Place  - Caesar Pacana Chavez

Landscape Photography Winners
1st   - Biboy Adorable
2nd -  Drey Roque
3rd  -  Topee Babida Acaso

After the awarding of winners, photoshoot with models was then followed and the highlight of the activity.

If I could spell the photowalk, its a huge success from building camaraderie among us photographers here in Bukidnon, to selflessly sharing each one's knowledge in this field. 

And what I admired most among the participants-photographers, they have that spirit of humbly sharing their knowledge to the newbies/students. 

On a personal note, I would like to thank my wife, Jeanette Fonte Panganiban and my kids in extending their support with this project. To the BPBS people who are behind this project, thank you so much with your response and sincere support. To the 3 judges, Bro. Raphael Heria who prepared the photo contest guidelines, King Punky Divino who came over to judge and arranged the schedule of the models with the Make-Up artist Rachel Joy Fernandez. To Her Man Lumanog, the third judge, the Chairman of the Panel of Judges and explained well the winner's photos. My thanks to you judges, is beyond words.

To Topee Babida Acaso who donated the "lechon" who is the author for the realization of this project. To Biboy Adorable and his Bukidnon Photographers Group in gathering his friends to attend the 1st ever Photowalk in Bukidnon. To the principal of St. James of School of Science and Technology, Ms. Eper Agdamag Silan, who is behind in the making of the Plaque with a beautiful design. To the owner of St. James School of Science and Technology, Atty. Albert Lagamon, the current Provincial Administrator, a special thanks to you in allowing us to use the Venue.

And lastly before closing this blogpost, I would like to share this wonderful quotation to you;

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

 “I feel that all knowledge should be in the free-trade zone. Your knowledge, my knowledge, everybody's knowledge should be made use of. I think people who refuse to use other people's knowledge are making a big mistake. Those who refuse to share their knowledge with other people are making a great mistake, because we need it all. I don't have any problem about ideas I got from other people. If I find them useful, I'll just ease them right in and make them my own.”
Myles Horton, We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change
(Photo Credits: Topee Acaso)
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  1. Very well said Kuya Bonz! Actually, all my photos on my blog are taken via Point and Shoot. I have used 6 P&S cameras (5 of them borrowed from friends, 1 is mine but sira na ngayon), from the cheapest brand, to the cheaper brand, hehehe... Sometimes nga nakakahiya tumabi sa may malalaking gadgets lalo na sa mga festival. Minsan pa nga eh di ka pa pinapapasok sa "photographer lane" kasi nga mukang hindi naman ako photographer (which is true) kasi nga naka pipichuging P&S lang.

    But as you said, one step at a time. I continued to take photos for personal gratification and some of my trashy photos ay napublish pa sa print media at malay ko ba. Hahaha.. Now, I am making a book about travel and toursim and I will still use point and shoot. Hihihi.. The publisher told me she'll gonna buy a DSLR for me. Haha. Sineswerte nga lang naman. Bottomline is, it's not the training, it's not the photography school, it is not the camera... It's about how you enjoy doing it. Pangit man ang shot or maganda, importante ay kontento ka... at masaya sa ginagawa mo, di ba kuya. Hehehe. The school, training and the gadgets ay bonus na lang iyon! :D

  2. very well said sir bonz.... i know im just a newbie but i train myself to explore every corners of photography... everyday even sa breaktime ga practice ko ug photography pra ma achieve pud nko imung achievements...


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