Friday, September 13, 2013

A Coffee Shop at the Middle of Agri Land

I sometimes contemplating to quit on sharing my travel experiences nowadays. For reason(s) that there are still some places that I considered that are not safe for a traveler like me. I am a family man. A lone breadwinner for a family of two kids. I don't want to leave them behind because of the reason that I risk myself in visiting a place where bomb threats and war are present. I do love to travel from one place to another. Not because I just want to see these places in person but also to discover more on our Philippine's gems. I love visiting places where festivals are uniquely celebrated. Exposing to the world on how colorful our festivals are and on how hospitable Filipinos are.

The stair...
Speaking of Gems, we sometimes neglect that we can also find something in our own backyard.

Here in Impasug-ong, there is this uniquely and architecturally designed coffee shop at the middle of agricultural vast land. The owner named it as Kafeneio.

After we have had our official field visit with one of our clients in this town and some landscape photoshoots of one of the great landmarks our Province of Bukidnon, the Palaopao Hills, we then headed back to take some refreshments in Kafeneio. My colleagues informed the owner that we are visiting the place for a refreshment. 

And when we got inside, we were surprised when the receptionist asked us and informed us that we have complimentary snacks---a burger for each one of us. It was actually a rare visit on my part. Surprised with the complimentary snacks but with the hospitality of the owner, Ms. Irish La ViƱa is champion to that. 

She is a daughter of a prominent family of Valencia City.

While waiting with our snacks, we took the chance to take some snapshots of their tables, the interiors and the facade of the building.
Their table...
The  part of the facade...
The complimentary burger for each one of us....

Kafeneio is actually like a combination of coffee shop and a road side restaurant. And this was just newly constructed. It was opened last year and is strategically located at the junction road to Barangay Intavas, a jump off point for mountaineers before climbing the 4th highest mountain in the Philippines, the Mount Kitanglad. Before you proceed to climb that "sacred" mountain, sip first your favorite coffee and eat your favorite breakfast at Kafeneio.

If you happen to visit Davao, you will definitely see this building at the left side of the Highway in going to the Southern Bukidnon if you are from Cagayan de Oro.  

This is just after passing the famous landmark of Impasug-ong, the Giant Headress.

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