Friday, September 27, 2013

London is Calling...

London is truly an awesome City to visit, full of fantastic sights and things to do. I regularly go for short holidays in London, because I have family who live in Ealing, which is in West London. From there the rest of the City is easily accessible via the London underground and other forms of transportation. The Olympics in 2012 lit the city up, and the whole atmosphere about London was completely different, despite the extra queuing to get to places.

Getting around in London

One of the best things that I noticed when I was travelling across London was the Oyster card. It’s a small blue contactless credit-card sized card which stores public transportation tickets. All you have to do is top it up every now and then, plus it is cheaper than buying normal paper tickets. Driving in London is really not recommended, firstly because the cost of parking is extortionate, and secondly because of the congestion charges in Central London. Realistically, the public transportation is so efficient in London; there is no need for cars.Things to do in London, activities and things to see

Big Ben is one of the most famous icons of England, let alone London. I didn’t realize that the tower is actually called Elizabeth tower and the name of the clock is Big Ben, which is the biggest 4-faced chiming clock. In fact the tower was renamed in 2012 to Elizabeth tower to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Elizabeth the II. I did find out it is posible to have a tour up the tower, however these are massively over subscribed and are hard to get on.

  The London Eye is another must do. The view from the top of the Eye over the City is truly spectacular. Although the cost of a ticket on the day was around twenty pounds sterling, the whole experience was worth the money because, after all, it is one of the famous British icons. 

Buckingham palace is another icon that all British people can be proud of. After all it’s the residence of the British monarch. I visited the palace, however I didn’t go inside, I simply looked on from the eastern front of the palace which is the most recognisable side. The palace does have a summer opening period in August or September, for which tickets are purchasble online and they are usually around twenty pounds sterling for an adult ticket.You cannot visit London without checking out one of the famous London markets. Camden market is reputably one of the more famous, it is open daily from 10am until 6pm. You can buy a huge variation of things here; from food and clothes to music and other miscellaneous items. Camden Market can get very busy sometimes, especially at the weekends.
Nightlife in London

If you like your nightclubbing, London has an awful lot to offer. Although clubbing in London is slightly more expensive that the rest of the UK, Fabric nightclub in London is totally worth a visit. It was voted the number one in DJ magazines top one hundred clubs in the world for several years running and it always gets rated highly by DJ’s. The Saturday night music is usually techno and house, and on a Friday it is anything from Hip-Hop to drum and bass.

Guest Writer : Sven Moss of Europe

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