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Love Travel, Love Flexibility - 6 Tips for Unplanned Traveling / Backpacking

While some travelers like to have their holidays planned from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, others crave a more spontaneous experience. If you belong to the latter group, you probably get a thrill from arriving to a new destination with no fixed itinerary, departure date, or place to stay. Traveling with this degree of flexibility can leave you open to having some truly unique experiences and memorable interactions with the locals. Sound like a blast? Here are my top 6 tips to help you stay flexible while travelling:

Ask the locals
The best way to have an authentic experience in a new place is to ask the locals for advice about what to see and do and where to stay and eat. Make sure to emphasis that you’re looking to get off the beaten tourist track during your visit. Not familiar with the local language? Navita Translator for BlackBerry 10 user will help you get by in conversation. If you’re too shy to approach strangers, try meeting new friends (and singles) through Badoo.
See the place with fresh eyes

While you should look up some information about visa requirements, health, and safety in your intended destination before you arrive, doing too much research will prevent you from seeing the place with fresh eyes. Spend the first few hours of your trip walking around the new place and getting to know it from the ground level. Worried that you’re missing something? Download TripAdvisor with Augmented Reality to get the full scoop.

Don’t lock yourself into fixed dates

Travel rarely goes how we envision it. For this reason, it’s important not to lock yourself into fixed dates. Book only the first night’s hotel room or hostel so that you don’t feel pressured to stay if you don’t like the accommodations or want to move on to a different city. Try to travel via transportation that does not need to be booked far in advance—a train, bus, or hired car—so that you have ultimate control over your itinerary. Use your smartphone apps like Smart Layover to help you make last-minute plans.

Stay in a hostel or try couchsurfing

Booking a personal hotel room makes it more difficult to interact with locals and other travellers. If you really want to get a first-hand experience, look for a place to crash on CouchSurfing and ask your host for suggestions about where to go in the city. Hostels are also great places to find off-the-beaten track recommendations and good companionship during your trip. 
Pack for a range of weather conditions and activities.

Another way to keep yourself open to new experiences on your travels is to make sure you’re ready for anything. Pack a range of clothes and travel gear to facilitate any opportunity that comes your way. Make sure you’ve got the basics for a day out in the wilderness, a night on the town, and/or a weekend at the beach so can make decisions on the fly. The WeatherBug Direct app will keep you up-to-date on the latest forecasts and conditions.

Take the right tools along with you.
Make sure you’re never bored on your travels. Pick up a copy of the local newspaper or browse local blogs to see what’s going on in your destination during your stay, and download apps like Poynt, foursquare and Urbanspoon for restaurant and nightlife suggestions. Need last-minute directions for a spontaneous side trip? BlackBerry Maps or Waze Social GPS can help you get where you’re going.

Keep an open mind and have a great trip!

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