Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Santa Cruz Carnival

Photo Courtesy : Tenerife Dot Com

Heading to Tenerife in February? Then why not make some time to enjoy all the fun of the fair in Santa Cruz, the island's capital city? One of the world's biggest carnivals - said to be second only to Rio - comes to Santa Cruz every February for a party of epic proportions.

Photo Credits : WIKI
The Carnival of Santa Cruz attracts people from all over the world. It's such a vast and highly popular event that it has been declared a Tourist Festival of International Interest, so it must be doing something right! In addition, the carnival comes to many other places around Tenerife, and Puerto de la Cruz is another popular spot for this spectacular annual event.

Photo Credits : Hello Magazine Dot Com
What can you expect? Plenty of dancing, colour, vibrant costumes and extravagance, which starts with the election of the Carnival Queen followed by various parades and floats, when musical acts and instrumentalists take to the streets for one long party, playing to crowds of thousands of people. There are other customs to enjoy - such as the 'Burial of the Sardine' - and lively celebrations marked by no end of shows, dances and parades. 
Photo Credits : Hello Magazine Dot Com

In terms of getting there, your best bet is to land at Tenerife North airport, which is just a short distance from the city and is easily accessible by public transport, hire car, or even taxi. 

For the utmost flexibility, say that hire car is highly recommended, as this allows you to soak up the carnival fun for a day before heading off to explore the other delights of Tenerife, of which there are plenty. However if you do decide to opt for a taxi to the city, remember to confirm the price of the journey before you travel. 

So why not head to Santa Cruz in February and tick one of the world's biggest carnivals off your bucket list?

//: Guest writer : Catherine Lavinia

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  1. very colorful festival! As grand as Phil's festivals pero mas liberating hehehe :)


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