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What to visit in Granada?

There are lot of questions that may rise once we visit a certain place, like Granada. One of these is What place to visit in Granada. What are the places that we are going to visit in Granada? Knowing and identifying the places to visit in Granada are essential things to do in order to maximize and enjoy your whole stay in this place.
Beaches at the Almuñecar. Photo Courtesy, www.tropicopter.es

The City of Granada is located in Andalucia, a large Region in the South of Spain. The province of Granada has a mountain range with ski slopes and several beaches, and those who come to this City will be able to visit the ancient Generalife palace.
Photo Credits : WikiTravel
The Alhambra

The Alhambra is one of the City's main attractions. This large Moorish fortress was built during the Nasrid dynasty. There are several palaces and patios that visitors will be able to visit.

Alhambra (Left) - photo credits : sidontravel.am

The Court of the Lions is a patio decorated with 124 white marble columns and a marble fountain with twelve statues of lions. 

Courtyard of the Lions(Left), photo credits to J. Zinn

The Court of the Myrtles has a large pond and leads to the Comares palace, the official residence decorated with murals and friezes. 

Inside this palace visitors will find the Gilded Room. 
Court of Myrtles, photo credits to : www.dreamstime.com
Next to it is the Comares Tower, one of the highest towers in the complex and has stained glass windows. 
Comares Tower, Flickr photo by  marcp_dmoz

The Justice tower is located on the southern rampant of the fortress and is decorated with large stone gargoyles. (Justice Tower photo (left), by Arshad Habib)

The Alcazaba is one of the oldest parts of the fortress complex. Visitors can walk around the Mexuar, one of the royal palaces, and the Generalife. 
Alcazaba, photo by Alhambra de Granada dot Org
The Hall of the Ambassadors is the ancient throne hall where the official receptions took place. This hall is decorated with many arches, decorative inscriptions and niches. 
Hall of Ambassadors, photo by Sunil Shinde Photography 

Albaicin Quarter. 

The Albaicin Quarter is one of the city's most traditional districts, where visitors will be able to see typical Andalusian white houses decorated with bright flowers. This district has many tapas bars where visitors will be able to taste many local dishes, and there are several flamenco bars nearby.
Albaicin Quarter, photo by www.easyvoyage.co.uk

The Bañuelo public Arab baths, a historical landmark, are another one of the districts landmarks. The Mirador de San Nicolás, an observation deck with views of the Alhambra, is located on a hill in this district. 

The Cathedral. 

Another main monument is the City's Renaissance Cathedral that was built on Gothic foundations. The cathedral is decorated in white marble and gold and there are several chapels. 
Photo courtesy: www.cathedralquest.com
The Beaches.

A short distance away from the city is the Tropical Coast. There are many beach towns and resorts, including the traditional town of Almuñecar, Motril and Salobreña.

The tapas bars.

Those who decide to visit the city of Granada will be able to enjoy the city's tapas. Tapas are appetizers that are usually served with each drink ordered, and there are many types of tapas. The tapas of Granada are known for their larger portions. For the price of a drink visitors will be able to taste boquerones fish, fried squid rings, jamón ham served on a slice of bread, peppers stuffed with cod and tortilla de patatas, a traditional potato omelet. The city's restaurants serve habas con jamón broad beans with ham and torta real, a traditional almond based dessert.

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