Sunday, November 24, 2013

After the Storm, Run to Help YOLANDA SURVIVORS

Photo credit : Raph Heria of Iclique Fotografia and a fellow BPBS. Entitled this photo as "Together We Can Help".

"Everyone is involved. Or maybe everyone must get involve".

This is just a simple phrase that came to my mind when a priest, in the Diocese of Malaybalay, Father Robert, posted in his facebook wall the call to help our brothers and sisters who are survivors from the tropical depression YOLANDA that struck almost the whole Visayas peninsula. 
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, who had their vacation in the Philippines, participated the event to show the world that they also really care to help our brothers and sisters wrought by typhoon Yolanda.

I also observed that the social media were flooded with criticism on various issues on how the Philippine government responded to the National Crisis like this one.

But to counter this negative vibes in the social media, if criticism against our own Philippine government flooded the facebook wall, the positive vibes in here was the overwhelming and the "Tsunami of Support" from all over the world. 

Maybe the youngest participant of this event.

May either your donations are small or in huge amount, the essence in donating or helping is the sincerity of giving. I could say that in giving, we should have a grateful and sincere heart.

News are spinning with almost the same content but at least they send the message to the world that Philippines was badly hit and needs your help. The outcry of everyone is to handle the donations properly and be coursed through a very very very "REPUTABLE" institution.
Children and even senior citizens all over the Globe participated in the spirit of volunteerism just to express their deep feelings that they too really care to help restore Tacloban and the neighboring places who are also badly hit with TD Yolanda.

Like the kids that I captured this event.
They too are willing to help. They have pure heart that supposedly we adults should also have.
Many of the participants I captured during this event flashed a "PEACE" sign. That means, we need to refrain from blaming and throwing criticism, but instead turn our head in helping our countrymen in at least in little way that we could but in a sincere manner.

Though we only collected P73,000.00 at a very best effort that we could, but our HEART is big enough to HELP YOU our brothers and sisters. Just remember that "TOGETHER WE CAN HELP".
Father Robert-the prime mover and Matet Quirino, the President of Malaybalay Runners, Inc.

The "Run to Help Yolanda Survivors" held yesterday, November 23, 2013, was a sincere and noble initiative of Father Robert Selecios, in coordination with the Malaybalay Runners and Panahik Adventure Centre headed by Ronan Montero). The Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society headed by the author of this blog also volunteered as photographers for the event as share for the community, with iClique Fotografia headed by Raphael Heria. 

Official Photographers who shared their time and talent, Christian Ortiz, Raph Heria, Mc Lopez, Randolf Albano and other photographers who silently volunteered to cover this event. Maria Theresa Quirino, announced that the collected donations reached up to P73,000.00.

Rest assured all your donations will reach to the hands of YOLANDA SURVIVORS.

So, to YOLANDA SURVIVORS, Malaybalay City has also its share for you through the initiative of FATHER ROBERT "TITING" SELECIOS.

To all who participated this event. Thank you very much of your donations.

Please feel free to tag your names here in this link, FB account of Bonzenti Panganiban FOTOGRAFI.

More Photos on these links:
        Iclique Fotografia
        MC Photography
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The event was participated with various groups, MCWD, CID-Police Troop, Government and Private Sectors and individuals from all walks of life.

PHOTOGRAPHER : Bonzenti Panganiban Fotografi

 Photo credit. Lilibeth Canlas

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