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SPECIAL EVENT : The Jollibee's 800th Store is here in Malaybalay City-Con Tour Blog is one of the invited guests

If there are other milestones that can be considered as a remarkable one here in Malaybalay City, the capital of the Province of Bukidnon ever had, it was the installation of a 1,500 square meter and the opening of the Jollibee's 800th outlet in the Philippines. And this 800th store as they may called it was installed at the Heart and the major thoroughfare of Malaybalay City and located along Fortich Street. This store was installed and opened last October 18, 2013 or almost a month now.

It was also one of a prestigious milestones of the author of this blog, which was invited among the Bukidnon Press Club members, headed by Mr. Walter I. Balane and other dignitaries here in Malaybalay City. 

I took pride on this event because for almost 20 years in living here, though Malaybalay City still considered as a laid back City, Jollibee the country's number one fast food chain, together with its co-owners, introduced some eye-blinking key factors of development and a state of the art architecturally designed store ambiance which they called it as "fresh modern tropical look-the latest in Jollibee's store concept of designs--that harmonized the local landscape of Bukidnon, and I am one of those people in one way or another witnessed the blessings and  its formal opening.

The Formal opening. From Left to -Right - Mayor Roland Deticio, Jolibee, Ms. Iriss Tan-Franchisee, Mr. Joseph Tanbuntiong-Jollibee Philippines President, Ms. Ana Aluyen-Regional Business Unit Head for Mindanao.

For 35 years of existence, Jollibee dedicated this latest blissful achievement to the thousands of Filipino Families who until now continued to patronize the brand.
"We are proud to have reached another historic point in our 35 years of spreading the joy of eating to our fellow Filipinos. It gives us great satisfaction to provide high-quality, great-tasting products and alagang-Pinoy service to all our valued customers. They are the key of our success, and with our 800th store, we aim to serve even more Filipinos and bring langhap-sarap goodness even to the farthest corners of the Philippines," said Jollibee Philippines President Joseph Tanbuntiong."
Con Tour Blog author, a posterity shot with the Jollibee Philippines President Joseph Tanbuntiong

A place for family bonding moments
"Malaybalay is a prime example of a city that's teeming in natural resources and cultural heritage. The 800th store is already the second for the City, with the first store opening more than a decade ago. We are confident in the continuous growth of Malaybalay and the province of Bukidnon and we are committed to provide more Filipinos with a place to bond and share happy moments over langhap-sarap food," averred by Ana Aluyen, Jollibee Regional Business Unit Head for Mindanao."
Con Tour Blog author with Kezia Chretien B. Romblon, Media Relations Officers of  Stratworks-a PR agency. Pose with the soil painting wall frame.

A special soil painting wall frame painted by a Talaandig Artists was unveiled during the event as the store's commemorative marker. Some of the IP leaders, Bae Inatlawan and Datu Maydas and their colleagues were also invited to witness the opening and blessing of the 800th store.
With Jollibee personnel.

One of the highlights of the event was the traditional slicing of a giant Yumburger with 800th marker on it.
Of course with my colleagues in Media, Ate Ruby, Kezia Chretien Romblon, Walter Balane and Roland Rivera of KIN.

"The opening of the new and 800th store indicates that Malaybalay City is a place with a vibrant economy,"-stressed by the Vice Mayor, Roland Deticio.

I agree with the Vice Mayor regarding the vibrant economy, thus the store also bring the opportunity to generate employment and cut the pie of unemployment rate in the City. 

Con Tour Blog opined  that, the commercial strip/district of Malaybalay City never dictates additional opportunity for small business enterprises because of high market rental rate along the Major thoroughfare where foot traffic is heavy. To attract more small investors to come in is to expand the reach of commercial district with sound market rental rate from Casisang to San Jose of this same City. One of the factors for the expansion of commercial district is putting up another bus terminal in order to disperse the commercial expansion. Another is the diversion road. 
Malaybalay City planners should not confine with a compact town planning system but instead they will resort to a dispersal method of planning.

The event was then culminated at around 4 pm.
 Neil Mugas of Stratworks and also a member of Pinoy Travel Blogger (Neil is Wandering Soul).
 Interview with Ana Aluyen, Jollibee Regional Business Unit Head for Mindanao
 The blogger...

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