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G.I.V.E. Bukidnon : Waiting in Silence, Waiting in Hope

Da Carabao, Da Lake and Da Trekero.

D' Trekero with the Journeying Pinay 
D'Trekero and his Famous Pose. The Wandering Pose.
Lai, The Pinay Travelista

I've been practicing  the spirit of volunteerism during my school days and beyond but not as frequent as other volunteers today.
Patiently waiting in Silence, and waiting in hope....
First by contemplating the philosophical phrase of Confucius,
To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness - Confucius (Kun Fu Tzei)
A small number of Pinoy Travel Bloggers trooped to the small community in Pangantucan, Bukidnon for a noble purpose. The word help is understatement but maybe, expressing in our own little way that we in the corporate world also care to give some of our blessings to these small community in Barangay Pigtauranan, the Manobo Tribe. Care would be the best word that would describe our intention in visiting this small community.

We, by nature has that virtue of righteousness, generosity, sincerity and kindness and these are the gifts we brought in to this world when we were born. When we were born naked, that means SIMPLICITY. That also would mean as humility.
Heiz and Lai, personally distributed the school supplies to the Manobo Kids.   

The Preparation and the Meet-up.

Heiz,  of the Journeying Pinay travel blog, authored this project, G.I.V.E. Bukidnon and along with Lisa Marie Mirasol (The PInay Travelista) and Tupe Diaz (The Famous D'Trekero), the group trooped in the morning of one Saturday last August. 

Tupe, Heiz and Lai were already in Valencia ahead of me, took their breakfast at the newly opened Jolibee Drive Thru, where Heiz ordered 100 pieces of Jolly hotdog for the Manobo Children. 

Since I was late by 30 minutes, I've just met them from one of the Malls in Valencia City. 

Head to the terminal and all the baggages and stuffs they've bought including stuffs Heiz bought from Manila were loaded at the back of the van that we hired direct to the Pangantucan LGU compound. The pick-up driver from the Tourism Office that Tupe have contacted already waited for us.
This is an unusual meet-up among Pinoy Travel Bloggers. Unusual meet-up that a travel combined and mixed-up with an outreach activity. A meet-up of travel bloggers with a common objective, and that is to Give and to Share our simple blessings to the people who need our care, thus this project was tagged as G.I.V.E. Bukidnon.

Heiz said that its  a heartbreaking seeing these little children smiled at us, that even without saying the word thank you, that smile was just more than enough that we could also say it in silent, "you are welcome kid". Heiz further said  that its also heartbreaking to see our school supplies cannot accommodate the number of children who were in queue and asking presents from us.
It is at this point that I faced against the wall and can't help but break the water coming from my eye balls, seeing their eyes still wanting to receive from us, that we could not give anymore because our stuffs cannot accommodate all of them.
We left our boxes of "pasalubongs" empty but we left Barangay Pigtauranan with joyfulness in one's heart. It was a well worth experience for me as a travel blogger together with fellow PTB guys who came from the farthest Province in the Northern Luzon and from Iligan and fellow BPBS Officer.
G.I.V.E. Bukidnon, aimed to extend some of our blessings, like slippers, food and school supplies to the Manobo Tribe's Children.
Wacky shot Before leaving..

Photos that can best described that they are waiting in Silence and Waiting in Hope.

How to get there.

1.  Port of Entry - Cagayan de Oro City : Take a bus bound for Wao (with a signboard-WAO).
2.  Ask the conductor that you will alight at the crossing of Barangay Barandias Crossing. Barangay Barandias is a diversion road and entry point in going to Cagayan de Oro via Talakag, Bukidnon.
3. Hire a "Habal-habal" or a single motorcycle for hire at the crossing. There are a lot of them waiting for you. Haggle with the fare. P300 per person is the possible fare. 
4. Once you already in this place, go directly to the Barangay Captain and Datu Napalit for proper coordination.

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