Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Photo Shoot : Be contented with your smartphones, just be creative

Last week, the last day of November to be exact, we visited Cagayan de Oro City for a special intention. One is for the regular eye check up of my wife at the CUMC (Capitol University Medical Center).

The other one is to buy her a quad band cellphone as my gift this December. A  Cherry Mobile quad band cellphone, Skyfire 2.0.

 After done to all of these, we then went to the Lim Ket Kai Mall to check out a winter clothes at the TerraNova then at the Mark and Spencer outlet. These two outlets were already here and they're there for just few months ago. 

While we were looking for a thermal suit for my wife, along our way to the latter, I've noticed this Giant Christmas Tree at the Lim Ket Kai Dome, in layman's term, the "Mall's Rotunda". Not only the Giant Tree but also the grandiose architecturally designed ceiling. 
I love and like so much the architecture of this mall, especially its interior design. I only have with me a cellphone when I took these photos. Also a Cherry Mobile brand of a cellphone, the Omega HD 2.0. I love the photos of this phone since it has a high definition photos with 12  megapixel camera.

No post processing here and they're all as is.
I might call these photos as the "The New Dome", a collection of my architectural photos. 

At first I felt awkward in using the smartphone but I tried to do some creativeness in taking photos like this one. So awkward also in taking photos especially in public place like this one. But I don't have a choice because I love architectures especially malls. 
We also witnessed the yoga session when we passed by along this section of the mall.

 And because of my new smartphone, meantime, a wide angle lens is no longer my priority.

Camera                 :  Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.o Smartphone
Aperture              :   f/2.4
Exposure Time   :  1/13 sec.
ISO-Speed           :   ISO-418
Metering Mode   : Center Weighted Average
Exposure Bias     :   0 step
Focal Length       :   4 mm
Lens                      :  smartphone built-in camera 
Post Processing  : none

Lim Ket Kai Mall in Cagayan de Oro is the most frequented mall in this City aside from the Ayala Centrio. Expansion and renovation is still in-progress as of this post. 

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. I own an iPhone 4 and for Mac users, iPhone 4 is already extinct (lol), but then again, the photo quality's still good. It all matters with the subject, and not with the specs (although iPhone 4 isn't a good camera for low-light photography... sa iPhone 5s, mejo maganda na). Haha! Check out my latest blog entries, most of the photos their were taken by an iPhone. :D

  2. Renz. Specs is all what we need to know first before buying a particular gadget. Subjects are part of the elements of the composition that we need to consider before taking pictures. In this case, the subjects are the ceiling and the christmas tree. Other elements of the composition that consider the scale of the subject(s) are the people. Somehow is not the brand of the smartphone that matters in the end. Its the eye of the photographer that matters most. Thank you renz for visiting me here.


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