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Con Tour Blog in Tracing Back 2013

Maybe because of my hectic schedule in the past few months in Photography, I was not able to peep in drafting this post. And because of that, pardon me of so much delayed in posting subsequent posts in this blog. Health condition also prompted me to stop blogging for awhile. However, before this month of April would end, I would like to share to you my 2013 travel and personal life's experiences. 

January - March 
Photography 101 with Shooting Festivals

2013 gave me a lot of blessings, than the past 5 years. Past 5 years was really full of lessons being an individual, a corporate employee, a traveler and blogger. I may have less travel in 2013, but I may say, 2013 gained me more friends and have responded some calls in the field of photography and blogging engagement. 

Aside from gaining more friends being as a travel blogger, I also gained more knowledge when we had our Photography 101 with Shooting Festivals, along with Estan Conrad Cabigas, as our resource speaker. 

We, the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society took pride on this, because our speaker is a respected individual in the field of Photography and Blogging. Graduated a scholar in a Diploma in Photography at Ateneo de Manila University. A multi-awarded Photographer and Blogger, responded our call to be as our speaker. For me, this is one of our milestones here in Bukidnon to be with him.
As Volunteer Photographer of KIN
(Kitanglad Integrated NGOs)

I am grateful that I was again involved in a Volunteer work on a part time basis. Much grateful to volunteer and served these Mountain People who protect and nurture the very source of our life, the FOREST. I also thanked Tita Easter "Chy" Canoy (with large photo) as I fondly called her, in accepting and allowing me to be as volunteer to KIN.  
 1st Place in Kaamulan Festival 2013 Street Dancing Photo Contest

The Kaamulan Festival Street Dancing is the most awaited event during the first Saturday in the month of March since it was moved from September each year. Being as a newbie in holding a DSLR which I bought it 5 months earlier, I tried my luck in participating to this photo contest event, which then eventually hurdled the 1st place among other participants who came from some parts of Archipelago such as places like Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Timing and luck is the best description of winning any photo contest. Just keep your feet always on the ground
Featured in the National TV with a prestigious Host in the Land, Jessica Soho of GMA 7

The three of us, with Tupe (D' Trekero) and Earl (Suroy Pilipinas), were featured in Road Trip in Bukidnon, a Summer Special of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. The experience we had cannot be expressed in words but the feeling was really that overwhelming and not in my wildest dream that I will be featured in the National TV with a prestigious Host of the Land. With the help and coordination of Ms. Laila Marte of Provincial Tourism Office, we were able to avail  free meals, snacks and vehicle within the duration of the shooting in that 10 minutes of fame. Specials thanks also to the GMA 7 crew and the support crew from the Provincial Tourism Office. 
Started April 2013 onwards, I was able to participate in an online judging of a prestigious Photo Contest held in South Cotabato on their T'nalak Festival which I earned to stay in one of the resorts in Lake Sebu for a free accomodation for me and my family. Another invitation in Judging engagement for Photo Contest in Bukidnon State University and a speaking engagement about "Volunteerism" of the same University. All of these experiences in 2013 were all worth to be remembered. 
 Family Summer Escapade
(April 2013)
If I have something that I should not want to miss out, was our Family Summer Escapade would be one of the nicest things that happened to us. We traveled almost 10 hours from Bukidnon to Saranggani by bus. If I would asked again why we choose Gumasa? Here's our answer.

On that same year, I started to engage in wedding, lifestyle and portrait photography which I eventually satisfied with the outcome of my new field of interest.

These are just my few travels and personal experiences last year, the year that I considered as full of blessings. And I do hope that you pardon me in a much delayed post of this blog right now. Please continue reading and pray for me to continue blogging and sharing my life's personal travel experiences.

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  1. Ugh! I suck at taking photos! Yours look really cool.

    1. Hi Suki F. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. Bon ,congratulations to your photo captures,inspiring! stay passionate with it,you"re true to your endeavor.stay safe and sound.

    1. @Anonymous., Thank you for that inspiring word from you. Whoever you are, you words are much appreciated. I follow your advice. Keep safe also. Best regards.


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