Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some Awesome Sites In one morning at the Intramuros....

Some Awesome Sites in one morning at the Intramuros....

Time is just one of the essential elements in the world especially if an individual is on travel. Another element is on how you budget your time especially the same is just on a limited condition. And one of the benefits when one is on official travel, if having some extra time, and chances if the tourists sites are near from the place where you stayed, like visiting a heritage site in the Philippines one of awesome sites at the Intramuros, the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.  

As a devouted Catholic like me, one of the sure itineraries is visiting Old Churches in the Philippines. This is actually just a continuation of my Visita Iglesia blog series after more than two years from my last visit of this concrete jungle. 

I woke up early on my first day. Walked and jogged around this walled city. Just brought with me my Cherry Omega HD smartphone in taking photos of some awesome sites, of which in my own point of view are considered with antiquity value.
I took some more rounds just to see some more awesome sites. Some of them were already left of no value to others like some of the people I've noticed who lived here and even do not know the essence of utmost care and some were still has a feel of care. 
My excitement to see more, were heightened when I saw the above structure fully refurbished and was discouraged when people tattooed the building right on its wall at the middle of its expanse. Some people really do not know the word CARE just to satisfy their own pleasure. Much more do not know the word RESPECT of these heritage structures of our past. The past that molded us to who we are now.

Manila has a lot of beautiful places especially in Intramuros. Some places here are worth to be explored but one should observe extra careful when exploring these heritage sites alone nowadays. Especially in going to densely populated area like Quiapo, commuting the Light Railway Train and the MRT, etc. Just be careful since there are lot of nice guys out there. 
So be wise, sensible and introduce extra care with your belongings. Pickpockets and bad elements are everywhere, not only in these places. 
If there are some awesome sites in Intramuros and other places of Manila,  there are also unpleasant to the eyes. Consider also the risks in roaming around by foot. If ever, go with a group with lightweight belongings. 

But there is still hope for this place. A hope for a positive transformation. Filipinos are fond of copying other countries but why not use that character in doing it with full of will, especially on the part of politicians gearing towards positive transformation.

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