Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bukidnon : "Galingan Ha Batu" ug "Pag-asud"

 "Galingan Ha Batu"

Some of the exciting events are now here in Kaamulan Festival 2014. Events here and events everywhere were slated in celebration of the 100 years founding of the Bukidnon province. All of that events were full of excitement for every local tourist like me, but I am more excited to see some of the rarest shows or perhaps I may say a rare demonstration of a primitive equipment in milling grains (pag-galing sa kalimbugas).

In the Morning of 21st of August 2014, I brought my family to see some of the main attractions of Kaamulan Festival 2014.

One of these attractions that tickled my mind to really have to pay a visit is this year's Kaamulan Festival 2014 Culture and Arts Exhibit booth.

The booth is located adjacent to DBP. Fronting the food cottages.

We were lucky that we've got a good timing to be with a famous TV Network in the land, the ABS-CBN News Northern Mindanao, which later interviewed yours truly about our visit that will be aired on August 24 at 6:15 p.m. time slot. We spent more than two hours, witnessing Lumads (Indigenous People) singing or chanting their local songs, dancing their local dance, the kaamulan dance with accompaniment using their locally made instruments, like the native drums. 
After each performances, the performers or the emcee interprets the songs and the dance they've just performed.

Another attraction inside the Culture and Arts Booth is the demonstration to the spectators on how to use the "Galingan Ha Batu" (Stone Grinder). One of the datus was tasked to demonstrate the said primitive equipment to the spectators who gathered round there.

Another demonstration is on how to use the "Alho and Lusong" (Wooden hammer and pounding wood). I then asked my daughter to try the said primitive equipment to have a first hand experience on how to perform it, which she really appreciated and enjoyed it.
For a child like my daughter, the "Pag-Asod" was heavy and tiring for her, but the experience leave a worthwhile impression, which she cannot forget then for her lifetime.
I explained to her also on why I let her tried in performing it. It is because I want her to appreciate the primitive way in preparing the food to eat of which our ancestors also did it. Though I never experience in performing the "Pag-asod", but what my daughter's experience is also be my experience.
Visitors and spectators
Aside from the experience that they've got, at the very least, I also would likely to experience them the real Culture and Arts that our ancestors have undergone. An experience that they will take it by heart and not by just curiosity reason. Explaining also to them to respect our very own culture and our very own roots. One of these is on how to use the "Galingan Ha Batu" ug "Pag-asod" that one will experience only during the Kaamulan Festival period.
 Performers inside the Culture and Arts Booth for the tourists to see during their visit

This blog article is just a personal experience, point of view and observation of the author during his visit to the Culture and Arts Booth.

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