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Top International festivals that you shouldn’t Miss in Australia

Travelling to Australia can be exciting and educational at the same time. Depending on the locations that are on the traveller’s 'to visit' list, as well as the time of year one decides to travel, there are a wide variety of local festivals to attend. Whatever the personal likes and dislikes are regarding art, food etc., there's a festival in Australia for everything and everyone. Since the dates within which most Australian festivals take place are known beforehand, travelling can be arranged so as to include attendance. Here’s the list of festivals that you can choose from, not in order, as follows:
Sydney Festival

An annual event taking place every January, visitors can experience Sydney Festival for the entire 3 weeks of the event. Here, over 500 Aussie and foreign artists participate in as many as 80 events. A wide range of themes is covered, including music, film, theatre, visual arts, forums and dance. Sydney Festival is most famous for the large-scale outdoor events like the Domain series. Participants can visit many well-known Sydney venues while attending the festival, a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perth International Arts Festival

it’s been around since 1953, running every year around February and March. Perth International Arts Festival is the king of Western Australia's Festivals. Apart from visual and street arts, film and music, the festival attendee can choose from a variety of comedy, literature and free community events. Popular events include the West Australian Indigenous Arts Showcase (WAIAS), where a large number of native artists gather to wow the crowds. About 30 Australian premieres are presented at every festival staging.

National Multicultural Festival

It can be attended every February in Canberra and is a short one, since it only lasts 4 days. Featured art forms are: music, creative arts, food and dance. The highlights of the Canberra-based festival include the Greek Glendi, the International Concert, the Carnivale, the Pacific Islander Showcase and the Food and Dance Spectacular.

Ten Days on the Island Festival

The festival takes place in Tasmania every March and lasts 10 days. Events are presented at 50 venues scattered around the island and festival-goers can choose among music, films, literature etc. events. Participating artists are native or they may come from every corner of the globe to entertain with high-quality material.

Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts has been running every March since 1960. Viewers have to choose among many quality music, film, literature, creative arts etc. events, which can be a demanding task in itself. This is the single, most prestigious festival across South Australia.

Brisbane Festival

It is organized in September, on a bi-annual basis. Aside from the usual film and music events, visitors can attend opera and community events for free. The philosophy of Brisbane Festival is to unite people - within the city, but outside its borders, too - through high-quality and intellectually stimulating artistic productions.
Darwin Festival

Held every August, Darwin Festival is a celebration of the tropical climate, multiculturalism and lifestyle that characterise Brisbane. Anyone attending Darwin Festival should be prepared to attend exceptional music, film, visual arts etc. events. The artists are indigenous, but also from Indonesia and the Pacific islands.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

1986 was the first year the Melbourne International Arts Festival was staged. Previously known as Melbourne's Spoleto Festival, it's a series of events considered part of the Spoleto Festival Series (with other Festivals taking place in Spoleto - Italy - and Charleston - U.S. -). The Melbourne International Arts Festival can be attended for 17 days in October, annually and hosts a variety of local and international events of the highest quality.

This list is not exhaustive. There are also many other smaller-scale festivals that could satisfy art lovers just the same. In any case, anyone planning to visit the vast and glorious Land of Oz is encouraged to do the research, pick the right timing and festival, and grab an Australian visa and go!

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  1. great info about Australian festivals. I would love to attend them in my next journey. keep sharing good job....

  2. Those all sound great. I hope to be there for at least one of them next year.


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