Friday, October 09, 2015

New Food Destination in Malaybalay City- A-Must Visit

Landscaped ground in Provincial Capitol of Malaybalay City
Few months ago, I temporarily stopped in engaging photography and also blogging which was almost a year today. It was just triggered when I was invited to facilitate a Blogger's Forum for Provincial Tourism. My simple and short impression on blogging and it's impact to the local tourism is really that of great importance, especially the experiences that a tourist would gain. May either be nice or nicer or may be good or bad experiences. And these experiences would be the plus factor that a tourist or traveler will consider for his/her decision to come or cancel the trip to visit a certain place. 
And of the factors that a tourist or the traveler would consider in visiting a place, aside in visiting some landmarks in a certain place, is the food destination---a restaurant with best food, especially on food reviews.
Avel Manansala of
But before the sumptuous lunch expected to dine on that day, I toured my visitors to the newly painted Bukidnon Capitol Heritage Building, beautifully eye-soothing landscaped flagpole ground and the Kaamulan Park. These tourist destinations are some of the few that one would consider in visiting Malaybalay City. 

Doc Remo Aguilar of Hiker's Itch and Tacurong City Dot Net
Below are the food that a tourist would consider once he/she happen to visit Malaybalay City. These can be found at Rancher's Steak House.
Pork Hamonada
Honey Spiced Chicken
Crispy Binagoongan
Honey Braised Pork
For more info on menu's pricelist, see below;

But the best judge is not the photo but  to taste them. For reservation, please call/contact this number...0917-700-3234. So enjoy eating!

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  1. Hi Bon - It's good to see you back into blogging. Will try the Rancher's Grill next time we're in Malaybalay. Any updates on the Kaamulan 2015?

    1. Hello Mam Malou. Glad to see you again in here. Feel like going back in blogging mam. There's a need to serve our community by giving them information like this one.

  2. Haven't been to Malaybalay so this restaurant is new to me. And whoa! Rancher's must be gaining the steakhouse authority in Malaybalay! Must try line up of foods. I'm eyeing to that Honey Spiced Chicken.

    1. try mo Jeff to visit the place. Ayos ang place at masarap ang food.


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