Monday, November 16, 2015

Malaybalay City : Bukidnon Business Hotel

Slowly, but surely. This is just the word or phrase that I could best describe on Malaybalay City's Urban Development. Slow pace growth or still in the stage where some of the tourists can best described Malaybalay City, - a laid back pace of development. Though, it is staggering in terms of development, this "laid back" City still needs some investors. Investors like the owner of this newly constructed Business Hotel, who risked his investment in putting up a new hotel of this City. Maybe that risk can be counted as calculated risk. Of course, we cannot appreciate risk if we will not try it, as others may say.

The Bukidnon Business Hotel was just completed before this year's Kaamulan Festival Centennial Celebration, where they were fully booked on that festival month. This is due to influx of tourists, visiting Bukidnon to witness the said only authentic ethnic festival of the Philippines, as described by George Tapan. Bukidnon is also one of the best places for retirement, some places where you can find also in Lamudi. In Lamudi, it is a perfect link to your retirement package, where you can find variety of properties and other real estate deals here in the Philippines today.
Bukidnon Business Hotel is located in the heart of the commercial hub of Malaybalay City, along the main thoroughfare Fortich Street or Sayre Highway and beside Chow King near Plaza Rizal. It is only a walk away from the Bus Stop (near Plaza Rizal). Another thing also here is that, Malaybalay City is a Walkable City. Like the Bukidnon Business Hotel, a walkable hotel within the City.

Photo Credits : Bonzenti Panganiban

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