Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lantapan : A simple glimpse of their Poblacion Plaza

Development can be seen as a constant factor of change in a landscape of one's place. And one of the visible icon of this change is the "plaza" of a certain place.

Plaza is a colonial concept similar to a market place influenced by the Spanish. It is actually a place for people to take some time to relax like breathing a fresh air (in a rural areas, if speaking of "fresh air"). Like any other "plaza", rural plaza is simpler than the urban plazas, but that depends on the area available for development.

In Wikipedia;
In modern usage, a plaza can be any gathering place on a street or between buildings, a street intersection with a statue, etc. Today's metropolitan landscapes often incorporate the "plaza" as a design element, or as an outcome of zoning regulations, building budgetary constraints, and the like.

As new to this place, you may access Poblacion, Lantapan of Bukidnon via Aglayan, Malaybalay City intersection road (Davao-Bukidnon National Highway). 

As a planner, below are suggested design for a plaza that is more attractive to a tourist and a "would be attraction" for a tourist to go back and would also considered a picturesque one.
 Photo Credit : Lanhai (above); from the web-Haeahn-Architecture (below)

Please see Google Map 

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  1. Hi Bon - It's good to see you back blogging again.

  2. Hi mam malou. When google emailed me about adsense. My interest in blogging then rekindled.

  3. Wow Lantapan is really developing. I can't wait to go there again.


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