Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Photo Shoot : A Glimpse of the New Kaamulan Park

Once in a while keeping your brain on a busy state, except on a stressful manner,  is helpful for you to avoid Alzheimer's Disease. A friend and my brother in my community gave me this advice few days ago. And this is what prompted to blog again in spite of my busy schedule. 

I've just accidentally bumped these photos in my files. 

The park was completed in the early part of 2016, under the administration of Gov. Jose Zubiri, Jr. and with close supervision of Ms. Joeanne Bayona, the current Provincial Tourism Officer. The project budget cost is close to more or less P2.00 MM. This project was initially undertaken in the early part of 2015, purposely for the Kaamulan Celebration, and was not completed on time due to budget constraint, sources said.

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