Thursday, September 01, 2016

Festival : Talakudong Festival at Tacurong City

You might wonder on what is the meaning of TALAKUDONG? Talakudong term is a
Maguindanaoan dialect which means a head covering used by early settlers in this part of the region. It sounds like "Turong" or "Pandong" in Cebuano dialect, that connotes also a head covering.  This head covering is commonly used in working in an agricultural field, like planting of rice. This is similar to a head covering used by the Vietnamese when they are into planting of rice activity.

Commemorating the early settlers and foundation day, Talakudong festival is celebrated in Tacurong City annually, and this is one of SoCCSaRSKGen's most awaited festivals-- a month long celebration started with the City's founding anniversary and to be highlighted with Lumbayag sa Dalanon or street dancing competition. The festival will be held on September 18, 2016, and it is Sunday, and can be a good break from day's routinary work. "Talakudong Festival 2016" has a lot of surprises ready to be explored.

The street dancing competition shall be participated with "Kudong" wearing dancers or performers from various schools of the City. The city is celebrating its 65th year this year. Talakudong festival was founded by Felizardo "Ding" Lazado, and he was recognized by the then Mayor Lino O. Montilla on its third anniversary as a City, last September 18, 2003. 

Actually, the "kudong" that is featured here was a gift to me from a doctor friend, Doc. Remo Aguilar, an Orthopedic Surgeon, a mountain climber, a blogger and a photographer. The author of Tacurong City dot net. If you like to visit the place, you may contact him through this site. Or google the place.

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