Saturday, September 17, 2016

Malaybalay City : Monastery of Transfiguration at Dawn

I visited Monastery of Transfiguration several times since we live here for about 22 years. But at this time, its a different story. We stayed here overnight. Why stayed overnight? It's because, the attached privilege as one of the leaders in our community, is the leadership retreat. Yup, you heard me right. The monastery of transfiguration has this kind of accommodation in their compound. Provided that the stay is similar of this kind, such as retreats and recollections. Bookings are to be arranged ahead with the in-charge. 

I chanced to photograph the Monastery of Transfiguration chapel not because I woke up early at dawn to catch up the rising sun, but we really intend to hear mass at 5 o'clock in the morning with my wife.
The dawn mass gave me a different experience. A different experience in terms of solemnity. Solemnity in songs, like singing and praising God in the early morning dawn. The singing of the choir like just you are hearing right in front of your ear all the angels in heaven praising God for His glory. One of a kind experience in my entire life. 

I've been into a weekend recollection in my high school life, but this retreat gave me a different impression, since as a mature individual, every detail of the retreat's lecture sunk in to my innate self. Unlike when you're still young at a high school age, we tend not to take things seriously.

That retreat was so useful to me and for my wife, especially in leading small groups of men and ladies in the community, where I belong now.   
The Monk's blend coffee was one of the best menus every meal that we had and that could also be considered one of the best experiences during our leader's retreat. Best ever, the monk's blend and the monastic life's experience during our community's leader's retreat.

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