Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Transportation : Flagdown Rate of Taxi reduced to P30

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Taxi meter is the common gauge for total payments a passenger could pay based on the distance traveled. At least, for honest drivers, they usually based the fare rate on a meter prescribed by an authorized government Agency. Here in the Philippines, the authorized agency is the LTFRB or the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board. In the first quarter of this year, March 2016 this year, LTFRB officially reduced a Taxi Meter Flagdown Rate from P40  to P30 pesos. They also include the Airport Taxis from P70 pesos to P60 pesos.
P3.50 pesos additional rate for every distance traveled of  500 meters or half kilometer distance add-on rate. For Airport Taxis, the additional rate for every 500 meters traveled is P4.00 pesos. Before the meter reading will change every 2 minutes, but now, it will take only 90 seconds. 

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